Baseline Study on Horticulture Value Chain-Challenges and Opportunities in Tanzania

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The objective of the baseline study was to assess the horticulture value chain with a view to uncovering the challenges and opportunities for investment in Tanzania, with emphasis in business environment, value chains and supporting functions. For this purpose, the assignment focused on identifying, gathering, analysing and presenting the current context regarding market and value chains in the horticulture sub-sector. The assignment highlighted key actors locations, interests, roles and influences, and identifed barriers in the market system, as well as development opportunities.

The scope of the consultancy services was to assess the baseline (current situation) challenges and opportunities in the horticulture sub-sector will cover the following key undertakings:

A. Policy environment & institutional context

B. Market gaps and opportunities in national, regional and global supply

C. Analysis of the horticulture value chain regarding key barriers to production and competitiveness

D.Specific interventions to address barriers and their likely economic and social outcomes

E. Investment opportunities and entry points for specific interventions in strategic crops

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