Binh Dinh Province Safe Vegetables

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In 2016, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs began a 5-year  project in Binh Dinh Province focusing on increasing farmers’ income and prosperity through improved production and agrichemical safety techniques training and quality marketing and branding. The project has helped Binh Dinh farmers establish strong, market-led value chains in safe vegetables for both low-land and high-land areas, including ethnic minority communities. The high quality and safe vegetables in turn provide a benefit to the consumers from Binh Dinh, including Binh Dinh’s fast-growing tourism market.

This project aimed at developing an Activity Design Document for an effective, practical, certifiable and sustainable system for the production and postharvest handling of vegetables that meets clear quality and food safety standards. The goal of the project was to improve the safety and livelihoods of vegetable farmers and the safety of consumers in Binh Dinh and provide a model for Viet Nam in this area. The anticipated outcomes of the designed project by the end of the 5-year activity include:

(i) Improved safety of consumers;

(ii) Improved safety of vegetable farmers; and

(iii) Improved livelihoods/financial outcomes for vegetable farmers.

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