Civil Society Ukraine, Lot 3, phase 2

Civil Society
Start date
End date

Specific objective(s)
SO1. Support setting in place tools to support the EU to plan and deliver its support to CSOs in Ukraine.
SO2. To ensure continuity and maintenance of the EU - civil society dialogue and promotion of EU support to CSOs in Ukraine.

Requested services
 Expert support in the implementation of current and future EU support programmes for capacity building of civil society in Ukraine
 Expert support in the implementation of the EU Roadmap for Civil Society Engagement in Ukraine
 Expert support on communicating EU projects, programmes and policies in the field of civil society (strategic advice, content generation and maintenance of existing dissemination portals)
 Organisation of events, trainings

Required outputs

Strategic support
 Guidance and synthesis notes, overviews and presentation materials covering EU support to civil society in Ukraine – upon request and under the guidance of EU staff
 Elaboration of reports and analyses on issues related to civil society support in Ukraine and the state of the civic sector in Ukraine
 Support to activities of relevant national platforms and networks, including the EaP National Platform and the EU – UA Association Agreement Platform
 Information notes and reports on impact of ongoing and past EU funded civil society projects
 Accompanying and helping prepare identification and monitoring missions on upcoming/ ongoing EU civil society support – upon request
 Accompanying EU staff to international meetings that may inform EU support to civil society in Ukraine, upon EU request
 Maximum 20 trainings, consultations, information sessions and other events with ongoing and potential EU grantees – upon request
 Dissemination (using existing channels) of information on available opportunities for funding for grantees (and sub-grantees) of EU support to CSOs in Ukraine
 Maximum 10 scoping missions to regions to support identification of civil society needs post 2021

Communication support
 Content generation around results and impact of EU support to civil society (in close coordination with other ongoing projects)
 Maximum 10 public relations trainings for EU grantees or potential grantees; provision of individual mentoring, as requested
 Maximum 5 scoping and promotion missions to regions to support specific communication and visibility needs of EU grantees (or subgrantees)
 Establishing and managing media partnerships for the promotion of civil society work
 Contributing to the development of media content for civil society promotion
 Implementation of a public promotion plan of EU support to civil society in Ukraine

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