Consultancy for review and appraisal of the Dinaric Arc Regional Project

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During the last five years, WWF Mediterranean Project Office has worked towards creating enabling conditions for regional collaboration between institutions responsible for protected areas in the Western Balkans, based on the regional commitment made (Big Win) by the governments of the eight countries in the region. The Dinaric Arc Mountains (Dinaric Alps) are one of Europe’s most significant regions in terms of biodiversity. To strengthen regional dialogue and collaboration by developing a regional “sense of place” based on shared natural patrimony in the Dinaric Arc WWF started the implementation of the project Promoting regional cooperation in the Western Balkans through improved management of natural resources in 2012 (ends December 2014). Its objective was to improve the quality of dialogue, understanding and collaboration between countries of Western Balkans through establishing positive regional identity built on shared natural and cultural values, personal contacts and joint actions between protected areas practitioners.
The project has been financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway and the Mava foundation.
WWF approached Sida, Norway and Mava Foundation for financial support in regards to a continuation of this work. The assignment had three objectives. Firstly to review progress achieved so far within the Dinaric Arc project (“Connecting people through shared natural patrimony in the Western Balkans”), secondly to appraise the request for an extension of the project Discussion paper on “Sustainable management of natural capital in the Western Balkans: Economic and social benefits”) and thirdly to provide comments on the full project document.

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