Consultancy Services for the Implementation of the Sustainable Forest Management Programme (SFMP) of the Andean Region

The Government of Finland in 2011 started supporting the Sustainable Forest Management Programme, SFMP, implemented by the Inter-American Institute for Agriculture (IICA). In May 2014, SFMP entered its final phase until its completion in February 2016. From May 2014 until the finalization of the programme, ORGUT provided technical assistance (TA) to IICA, in monitoring and strengthening of funded projects to advance the validation of the innovations and ensure their technical, environmental, financial and social sustainability.

The purpose of SFMP was to support the introduction and adoption of innovations and the removal of development bottlenecks in the forest sector by public and private actors in the participating countries, contributing to the sustainability of forest management and the expansion of forest plantations. 25 projects were selected after an open call-off and competitive process, to receive support from the demand-driven fund. While work during 2013 was concentrated on inviting, assessing, selecting and co-funding projects, the focus of the programme and of the TA during the last phase was on ensuring the (financial) sustainability of the projects and promoting the scaling up and replication of successful experiences. The procurement of a new TA team for the final phase of the programme, focusing on supporting IICA in this effort, allowed for a fresh eye and new energy in the process, supporting IICA in achieving the overall programme goals at the national and regional Andean levels, attaining the technical and managerial results as well as facilitating the lobbying and advocacy processes.

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