Consultancy Services for Managing Land Rights Data under Zambia Integrated Forest Landscape Project (ZIFLP)

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The Government of the Republic of Zambia, with the support of the World Bank, implemented the Zambia Integrated Forest Landscape Project (ZIFLP) in Eastern province. Given that legally secure land rights are essential for sustainable land management and increases in productivity of land use, ZIFLP included a land component towards the Regularization of land and resource rights in order to encourage investments in climate smart agriculture, regeneration and planting of trees and effective and sustainable land use, such as with respect to forest conversion and protection of national parks/ gazettes forests

This assignmnet provided analytical and TA support to carefully pilot, evaluate, and where necessary, expand past any ongoing efforts to strengthen tenure security by documenting land rights in customary settings, production of a cadastral map for Eastern Province, expand the functionality and accuracy of the Zambia Integrated Land Management and Information System ZILMIS, and provide an analysis of the findings that can be used as input for the National Land Policy.

The results were an important help to fulfill the regulatory and institutional preconditions for larger-scale rural land rights registration, and a more substantial support to the National Land Titling Program (NLTP) implemented by the Ministry of Lands and National Resources (MLNR) that aims at bringing all land in Zambia into the national land registration systems and ensuring security of tenure.

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