Consultancy Services for support of project ”Strengthening of the Statistical System of Kosovo, 2019-2023”

The overall objective of the programme at hand is to contribute to the strengthening of the statistical system of Kosovo by enabling the development of reliable statistical information and facilitating improved decision making. The programme specifically aims at increasing the capacities of KAS to carry out its core activities in a standardised and independent manner – in line with EU standards – as well as strengthen KAS’s management and coordination capacities.

 The programme will contribute to these sub-objectives:

(i)              improving the timeliness and shortening the timing of the release of all statistics in order to improve the Kosovo Government’s decision-making process;

(ii)            improving inter-institutional coordination and information sharing among the main stakeholders in the statistical sector;

(iii)           improving data dissemination by enhancing data availability and visibility for public users;

(iv)           supporting KAS in carrying out its core activities and mandate in a standardised and independent manner.

The intended programme aims at achieving these four planned results in five different areas.

·       Result 1: Further improvement of sectoral statistics for the production of improved economic statistics

·       Result 2: Further development of Social statistics indicators – preparation for a population register and for the implementation of 2021 population census.

•       Result 3: Further improvement of metadata system, documentation and dissemination and modernisation of data collection methods (i.e. business statistics and population register).

•       Result 4: Strengthening planning and coordination of the national statistical system to improve the delivery of objectives and outputs in line with the 5-year programme for official statistics, and the communication and collaboration with key stakeholders.

·       Result 5: Building the overall capacity and resilience of KAS to maximize results and achieve sustainability by strengthening management and organisational development.

To achieve these results, several activities are planned, and outputs expected. The activities are different in scope and complexity.  KAS ownership and contribution is to be at the core of each result and connected activity in order to ensure ownership and sustainability of results.  Support for KAS in achieving result 1 and 2 and in part 4 are covered by services provided by Statistics Sweden. Results 3, parts of result 4 and 5 are covered by FCG Sweden as well as the overarching programme coordination, administration, reporting and management. 


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