Design of the Dairy Excellence Training Activity (Phase 1)

Start date
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IDEA supports Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture to address its priorities for agriculture cooperation with New Zealand in the dairy sector under. The collaboration is based on the Memorandum of Understanding on Agricultural Cooperation between New Zealand and Indonesia and the Indonesia Strategic Framework for Development 2012-2016. IDEA has two stages: Inception (Phase 1) to further explore and refine the activities; and Implementation (Phase 2). The goal of IDEA is to support increased returns from the dairy sector through the provision of farm production systems and training and support services that enable smallholder dairy farmers in Indonesia to sustainable earn profits in excess of IDR 3.0 million per month.

The outcomes to be achieved by the activity and the services are:

  •  Improved quality and increased supply of local milk; and
  •  Dairy farms providing farmers with a good standard of living

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