Design of support program to the General Inspectorate of Finance of Mozambique (IGF)

The objective of the assignment was to support the Ministry of Finance in Mozambique in developing an integrated and efficient system for internal control and audit.

The purpose was to support the Ministry of Finance and IGF in interpreting the new strategic plan for IGF, and propose a programme document that can be used for dialogue and collaboration with external actors.

The role of the consultant was to:

i) Analyse the IGF strategic plan and propose a programme document, suitable for external financing

ii) Analyse mandates of other relevant institutions in the SCI, or other OCI’s, and existing studies and reviews and propose a process that will lead up to an integral and efficient system for internal control and audit. The IGF programme document was to contain a specific cluster of actions identified as appropriate to, in the medium term, establish an integral system for internal control and audit – the SCI.


-A programme document based on the strategic plan and the Modelo Conceitual do SCI;

-A qualitative situational analysis, setting a baseline and outlining the strategic direction

-A multi-annual action plan, with detailing of the first year

-Structure and routines for management (decision making, results based management and financial management )

-Analysis of available and necessary institutional capacity to implement the programme

-Budget (overall and detail for the first year of the annual plan)

-Results matrix suited for Results Based Management

-Risk Matrix

-An annex outlining main steps and benchmarks for moving towards a more integral system for internal audit and control

-A template for annual reporting

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