Development of the Project Design for the Support to Environment and Climate in Kosovo 2014-2017

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Sweden is developing a new Results Strategy for Reform Cooperation with the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kosovo and Serbia) for the period 2014-2020. According to Sida´s Strategy proposal, 135-165 MSEK per year will be allocated for the whole region for environment and climate change with the aim of strengthening the institutions in the implementation of EU directives, enhancing skills and investments in municipal environmental companies, as well as improving natural resource management. As part of the preparatory work a study was carried out presenting possible strategic interventions related to the environment suitable for Sida support. Following its recommendations, Sida decided to engage consultants to, jointly with Kosovo’s Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning design, support the development and design a Program Document that incorporates the priorities listed in the study and present it to the Embassy of Sweden in Pristina and Sida in Stockholm.

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