Development of a user-friendly M&E framework for effective monitoring and evaluation of Sida’s new Action Plan for preventing and mitigating corruption 2020-2023

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In 2020 the Director General decided to strengthen Sida’s capacity to address corruption as a critical obstacle to sustainable development and adopted a new Action Plan for preventing and mitigating corruption 2020-2023 for Sida to work with corruption as an obstacle to development for 2021-2023 , to be implemented by departments/units at Sida HQ and foreign missions abroad.

In order to understand and learn if and how the new action plan and its suggested activities lead to the expected change or not, a user friendly M&E framework needs to be developed to accompany the implementation of the guide. The M&E framework is foreseen to include the articulation of Theory of Change(s), establishment of simple baselines/entry values and a few yearly milestones/qualitative and quantitative indicators to make it easy to follow-up and evaluate if change/results happens or not as a consequence of new action plan, and explore the reasons behind.

The main purpose was to make it possible to evaluate and demonstrate if the new action plan leads to expected change or not, and to make it possible to learn and adjust the work during the implementation phase and create conducive conditions for an evaluation of the anti-corruption action plan.

The assignment included the advice and assistance in the articulation of Theory of Change, establishment of relevant baselines and milestones/indicators to support effective monitoring and facilitate the evaluation of Sida’s action plan in close collaboration with TEMA and relevant Sida staff at units/departments/foreign missions.

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