Energy Efficiency and Conservation Technical Assistance Project - Background Study and 2030 Road Map Creation

Review the current EE&C situation within Lao, including compiling data on energy use in different sectors, such as transport, industry, agriculture, residential. The review will also cover energy consumption in relation to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of different sectors

Conduct desktop reviews of national energy and EE&C policies not only within Lao, but also within the neighbouring countries of Thailand and Viet Nam.

In conjunction with the New Zealand Manager and Facility Coordinator, conduct a detailed needs assessment of the EE&C Division within IREP in order to identify capacity-building and training requirements for stage 2.

Conduct a review of institutional capacity and examine the potential for institutional capacity development within EE&C and also within the wider context of IREP.

Establish baseline figures on energy consumption, EE&C in different sectors, energy elasticity, and the existing application and potential applicability of energy management systems in different sectors.

Develop a stakeholder map of EE&C and related fields within Lao, and identify and describe challenges and barriers to EE&C improvement in different sectors within Lao—including challenges relating to capacity, and to political, financial, and institutional factors.

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