Evaluability study of Sida's approach to democratization in different contexts

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The Swedish engagement in democracy support has increased significantly2 over time. From 112 MUSD, 16% of Sida´s budget in 1998 to 870 MUSD, over a quarter of the budget in 2018. Also, the focus of the interventions has changed significantly. To see how well Sida has adapted to this increased focus, fast growth and change of the sector, Sida intends to conduct an evaluation assessing Sida´s approach to democratization relative to the experiences and best practices available.

This evaluability study is in preparation for a proposed full-scale evaluation of Sida´s approach to supporting democratization in its partner countries, through interventions and partnership on national, regional and global levels. The purpose of the evaluability study is to assess the evaluability of Sida´s approach to democracy support and to development cooperation in other thematic areas and sectors supporting democratization. The evaluability study should also provide recommendations on methodology and methods as well as suggest relevant evaluation criteria and questions given the intended use of the proposed full-scale evaluation. In addition, the evaluability study shall address the evaluability of the methods used by Sida to assess the situation, progress and results in the sector. Conclusions and recommendations from this evaluability study will provide input to Sida’s Evaluation Unit’s (UTV) decision on whether to proceed with the proposed full-scale evaluation.

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