Evaluation of 3rd Call off of civil society support through umbrella organisations 2013-2017

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Sweden has decided on a new strategy for development cooperation with Ethiopia 2016-2020. In the new strategy there will be continued focus on support to civil society in order to promote openness, accountability and greater respect for human rights. The strategy further aims at contributing to strengthen democratic accountability and transparency at local level, where civil society may play an important role.

The Evaluation is an end-evaluation of interventions under a call-off made by Embassy of Sweden in Addis Ababa. Five contributions are concerned. Some have finalised their implementation with Swedish funds or are in the last stage of implementation. 

The purposes of this evaluation are twofold. One part is assessing/evaluating the period 2013-2017 and the second part of the evaluation is forward looking with particular focus on the relevance of objectives and entry points, modes of work and type of cooperation partners in relation to the new Swedish Strategy for its development cooperation with Ethiopia. The evaluation covers the so called Third Call for proposal, covering the period of 2013-2017.

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