Evaluation of Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit, strategy period 2019-2021

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Sida has provided support to the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit, AREU, for almost 20 years. The current core support agreement was signed in 2018 and the activity period ends in December 2021. The agreement with AREU was signed during Sida’s previous strategy. In May this year the Swedish Government decided on a new strategy for Sweden’s development cooperation with Afghanistan for 2021-2024. The purpose or intended use of the evaluation is to provide Sida and AREU with an assessment of results and progress in the strategic plan period 2019–2021 to learn from what works well and less well. The evaluation will be used to inform decisions on how implementation may be adjusted and how to improve the use of Sida funding to successfully link it with other AREU projects to achieve the strategic plan’s goals and objectives within the given time frame.

The evaluation objectives are:

  • Evaluate the implementation of the strategic plan 2019-2021 with regard to its vision, mission, overall objectives and theory of change. The evaluation should formulate recommendations on how AREU can improve and adjust implementation.
  • Evaluate AREU’s organisation and implementation in a complex working environment and formulate recommendations as input to the preparation of AREU’s new strategic plan.

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