Evaluation of Cooperation Between Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and Statistics Sweden

Start date
End date

Sida has supported cooperation between the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) and SCB since 2014 and is planning to continue the support until July 2021. The evaluation object was the cooperation between KNBS and SCB 2014-2019 (Sida contribution 51110063 Statistics Support-KNBS) and 2019-2021 (Sida contribution 11333 Extension cooperation KNBS & Statistics Sweden).

The evaluation scope covered

·       The preparations for cooperation of the first cooperation, the first cooperation project (51110063 Statistics Support-KNBS), and as much of the second cooperation (11333 Extension cooperation KNBS & Statistics Sweden) as is reasonable.

This evaluation was commissioned by the Kenyan Development Cooperation Section of the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi. The intended users are KNBS, the Kenya National Treasury, the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi, Sida and SCB.


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