Evaluation of the Fostering Agriculture Market Activities II (FARMA II) Project, Market Development, Bosnia And Hercegovina

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The FARMA II project provides technical assistance and training through a demand-driven program in the targeted sectors: fruits and vegetables, poultry, dairy products, honey and aromatic plants. There is also a small grant fund of 29 million SEK used to support innovative ideas, new technologies and management techniques that aims to improve the competitiveness of food and agricultural products and/or environmentally sustainable production and processing. Women producers and women-led producer organisations are prioritiziced in the technical assistance.

The purpose or intended use of the evaluation is to provide input to Sida’s decision on future funding and help FARMA II to improve implementation in an exit phase. The purpose is also to help Sida to assess progress of its portfolio of projects/programmes to inform strategic decision making for the next Reform Strategy with the Western Balkans where this evaluation will be one of several assessments.
The secondary purpose of the evaluation is a desk study of prior evaluations undertaken in the area of Economic Development under the present Result Strategy and a project identification field mission on the ground in BiH. This is to help the Embassy/Sida to make a project identification analysis for interventions in the result area of Economic Development. Consultants should give recommendations on if and how Sweden should continue supporting women and men living in rural areas within a sustanable, inclusive economic development framework. Prospects of shifting from agriculture to agritourism or sustainable forestry should be discussed.

The objective of this evaluation is to evaluate the Impact and the Sustainability as well as cross-cutting issues of the support to the FARMA II project in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

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