Evaluation of Health Guarantee to Centenary Rural Development Bank in Uganda

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The Swedish Embassy in Kampala commissioned this evaluation to examine the Health Guarantee to Centenary Rural Development Bank (CRDB) in Uganda (2012- 2019), a project supported by Sida, in partnership with USAID. The guarantee was set-up as a loan portfolio guarantee covering term-loans to privately-owned and operated micro, small, and medium enterprises as well as healthcare workers in the health value chain. For Sida, the main objective of the guarantee was to promote access to private health care in Uganda, with special attention to rural areas, by catalysing private capital for investments in the health sector.

The project under evaluation is anchored on the Swedish strategy for development cooperation with Uganda 2009-2013 and thus, the assignment broadly explores the degree to which the intervention fits into promoted key strategic objectives. Specifically, focusing on the support for: i) Improved access by poor people to health services and a reduction in the spread of HIV/AIDS, and ii) Improved business and investment climate, a key objective part of an overarching effort to support private sector development. The strategy further highlights the importance of focusing on small and medium sized business and on female entrepreneurs.

The principal objective of the evaluation was to determine the degree to which the guarantees/services provided under the loans contributed to improved access to health for poor people, and if so how, or why not. In addition, the degree to which the project was able to foster and nurture the private health sector and enable the CRDB to develop products, in the future, that are able to continue to promote the development of the private sector were also explored.

This was to help the Embassy, Sida and its partners to learn from what works well and less well, and inform decisions on future guarantees focusing on the health sector.

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