Evaluation of ITP 296 (Fred och säkerhet i Afrika’ (Peace and Security in Africa, PASA)

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As part of the International Training Programmes Sida allocated funding to contribute to capacity development of regional organisations working on peace and security in sub-Saharan Africa, through an 18-month period of training and mentoring. Five programme phases have been implemented between 2011-2016. The target audience of the training has been the public and private sector and non-profit organisations.

The purpose of the evaluation was to identify results and lessons learned from the ITP 296 ‘Fred och Säkerhet i Afrika (Peace and Security in Africa, PASA)’, covering the five programmes during the years 2011-2016. This evaluation, which is the first one ever done, was an important opportunity to review results and experiences in a more systematic way, and a basis for possible programme development for the future. This evaluation also contributed to an in-depth analysis of some of the key actors involved in the regional work for peace and security on the African continent. The evaluation focused on the different types and levels of results (both on output and outcome level) and draw recommendations on the role of the ITP for programme development.

The evaluation was used by both for Sida, as a financier, and for the implementing partner which consist of Uppsala University (DPCR), Indevelop as well as a South African organisation, the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD).

The major recommendations by the evaluation team were:
• ITP PASA should be included as part of the overall capacity development efforts for the
AU and the RECs, with institutional targeting of course participants aligned with
Sida/AU/REC capacity development priorities
• Participants should be selected strategically to ensure probability of impact, and the
change project process should be utilised more strategically to support ongoing reform
• Sida should ensure that PASA is part of the harmonisation process with other likeminded
donors contributing to capacity development of the AU and RECs.


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