Evaluation of Jönköping International Business School’s (JIBS) collaboration with Sida partner universities in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Mozambique

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The objective of the evaluation was to increase the understanding of if and how the partnership between Jönköping University/Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) and Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) in Mozambique, University of Rwanda (UR) in Rwanda and Addis Ababa University (AAU) in Ethiopia contributes to the objectives and modalities outlined in the previous “Policy for Research in Swedish Development Cooperation 2010-2014 and Strategy for Sida’s Support for Research Cooperation 2010 – 2014” and the “Swedish Strategy for Research Cooperation and Research in Development Cooperation 2015-2021”. Sida wanted to learn what has worked well and less well in order to help it shape university support projects aiming at strengthening research capacity in the future. The evaluation assessed the nature and results of the collaboration between JIBS and AAU, UEM and UR, respectively, with a focus on:

  • scientific quality,
  • local ownership and
  • cost efficiency.

The Evaluation Team found that  JIBS’ collaboration with AAU and UR were successful in increasing the amount of research generated by the partner universities, supporting PhD students, and the development of in-house PhD programs. An assessment of all the evidence collected leads the Evaluation Team to conclude that ownership of the collaborations has rested with JIBS to a significant extent. Recommendations focus on instituting a results-based approach to reporting to Sida at the proposal stage, as well as forming a proposal that is tailored to the partner universities’ needs and what JIBS can offer. Realistic outputs and outcomes should be established based on thorough due diligence and needs analysis.

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