Evaluation of MADRE’s Action Plan for Enhancing Gender Rights in Crisis

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Women, peace and security (WPS) is a prioritised area for the Swedish feminist foreign policy and some of its four pillars (participation, prevention, protection and provision of relief and recovery) are often reflected in strategies for development cooperation in conflict contexts at global, regional and bilateral levels. As is the case for the Strategy for Sustainable Peace, 2017-2022, where inclusion of women and youth and their specific human security matters are prominent features. A global WPS portfolio has thus been developed under this strategy, consisting today of support to various actors including MADRE.Sida provides core support for the implementation of MADRE´s Strategic Plan, excluding any work undertaken in the US. 

The main purpose of this evaluation was to assess the implementation, results and lessons of the Strategic Plan according to the evaluation criteria: relevance, coherence and impact for the time period specified above. The evaluation collected concrete findings in terms of results, recommendations for increasing the impact of MADRE’s work and suggested actions, for both immediate and long-term implementation. As such, it is also intended to inform the development of the next MADRE Strategic Plan which will commence in 2023.

The report presents an evaluation of of MADRE and its Action Plan for Enhancing Gender Rights in Crisis 2018-2021, to which Sida provides core support. The purpose of the evaluation was to examine the relevance, coherence, impact and lessons learned from its implementation, as well as to assess its effectiveness in achieving results, in order to provide input to the decision making of MADRE’s strategic planning as well as Sida’s decision on continued support. The evaluation further focused on two countries that have a long-standing partnership with MADRE: Colombia and Iraq. The evaluation found that MADRE’s work is relevant to both Sida’s priorities, their partners, and MADRE’s own goals of peacebuilding and achieving social change, and that it has contributed both directly and indirectly to increased support of women and LGTBI survivors of violence. The Strategic Plan could however be strengthened by making the interlinkages among their strategies stronger. Moreover, the evaluators recommend MADRE to further develop their partner strategy, as well as to strengthen their current M&E system and to provide training on said system to the countries where they work.

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