Evaluation of Restless Development, 2016-2021

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Restless Development (formerly Student Partnership Worldwide) is a youth-led international organisation operating in Africa, Asia, Australia and the UK. Restless Development has worked in Tanzania for about 27 years delivering youth development initiatives in rural and urban areas. In 2016 Restless Development and SIDA entered into an agreement to work together to implement a new strategy, with particular cross over on job creation, employment, sexual reproductive health and accountability.

The purpose or intended use of the evaluation was to enable Restless Development and its donor partners to assess progress of the on-going implementation work to learn what works well and what could be adjusted  and improved to operate better in the current socio-political context and for the next five year period. The evaluation will also be used to inform decisions on structural changes.

The main objective of this evaluation was to assess progress of the Strategic Plan towards its set outcomes and outputs (as defined in the Results Framework), identify challenges, lessons learned and provide recommendations for the future program periods. The aim was also to evaluate the effectiveness of the Restless Development Strategic Plan 2016-2022 and formulate recommendations as an input to upcoming discussions concerning the preparation of a new Strategic Plan for the coming five-year period.

The specific objectives were:

1.     To assess and document the implementation of the Strategic Plan at national and district levels focusing on the achievements, challenges and ‘lessons learnt’;

2.     To measure achievements and outcomes of the strategic plan based on available baseline information and developed results framework;

3.     To accentuate ‘best practices’ so as they can be duplicated within Restless as well as in partner programmes and activities;

4.     To identify lessons learnt and explore potential for sustainability and scale-up of the implementation;

5.     To identify gaps and provide recommendations on the implementation of a new Strategic Plan so as to address them for the new Strategic Plan period.

6.     To examine the organization’s funding situation and modalities and how core funding resources can be used more effectively and complemented by the short-term project funding in the eventuality of reduced investment.

The primary intended users of the evaluation were the Restless Development senior management team, staff, Board members, Embassy of Sweden in Tanzania that provided core support to the Restless Development Strategic Plan 2016 - 2022.

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