Evaluation of the Results Lab for Swedish Civil Society Organisations.

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This assignment is an evaluation of the Resuls Lab. The Results Lab is a joint Sida/framework organisations learning platform intended to support participating organisations’ work with flexible and adaptive methods for results-based management, preferably in collaboration with their local partners.

The evaluation scope differs between the three phases, as do the objectives:

  • The first phase has two objectives a) to conduct the mid-term evaluation identifying progress and what is working b) to propose a methodology and establish a framework for the phase 3 final evaluation, i.e. securing a monitoring/data collection structure that will provide relevant evidence for the final evaluation.
  • The second phase focuses on providing support to assessing the methods used and monitoring results achieved. The scope of this is defined in terms of number of days while the content remains to be more clearly defined based on emerging needs within the Results Lab framework.
  • The third and final phase will comprise a final evaluation of the initiative assessing achievements as compared to the purpose and aims and identifying lessons learned concerning the "lab" methodology, thus providing evidence for future Sida programming

The evaluation uses an on-going evaluation approach, coupled with Outcome Harvesting.

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