Evaluation of Sida support to ECPAT International

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Sida has supported ECPAT for approximately 20 years and this will be the first evaluation that Sida has commissioned to assess the results achieved by ECPAT. This is also the first evaluation of the 2012-2016 programme. A previous organisational evaluation was commissioned by ECPAT in 2011, with funding from Sida and the Oak Foundation and with the terms of reference accepted by Sida and Oak.

The present evaluation informed a potential new core support to ECPAT for 2017-2020 from Sida, and provide ECPAT staff with valuable information when designing the new proposal. The evaluation was also intended to inform the international Board of Trustees and partners of ECPAT.

The overall purpose of the evaluation was to assess the effectiveness, relevance, efficiency and sustainability of ECPAT and the Sida supported programmes. Identified strengths and weaknesses will be used for learning and to improve the design of ECPAT operations and programmes.

The evaluation was guided by the four evaluation criteria. It examines effectiveness, relevance, efficiency and sustainability of ECPAT at the global level, as well issues at regional level and national levels (Colombia, Ghana and Thailand to a certain extent).

The evaluation covered the 2012-2016 period as prior to 2012 ECPAT had a different modus operandi. Around 2012, ECPAT introduced new management systems, strategic plans and annual work plans. As the same approach is currently used, Sida and ECPAT consider this period to be the most useful to evaluate as it is believed to generate the most relevant information on achievements. 

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