Evaluation of Sida’s ITP approach for Capacity Development

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This assignment was an evaluation of Sida’s International Training Programme (ITP) approach to capacity development. Sida commissioned the evaluation in order to inform the future work of the Sida Capcity Development Unit (CAPDEV) with ITP as a capacity building instrument and provide recommendations for adaptations for future use. Sida finances International Training Programmes (ITPs) in support of capacity building in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Middle Income Countries (MICs). The goal is to achieve good competence and high capacity in organisations in developing countries to drive change processes for more effective poverty reduction. This goal is intended to support Sida’s “Results strategy for capacity development
and exchanges 2014-2017”.

The evaluation had four main evaluation areas: 1) Goals and goal fulfilment, 2) Methodological assumptions and methods, 3) Anti-corruption and cross-cutting issues and 4) The unique selling point of the ITP. The main focus was on ITPs as outlined in the Results strategy for Capacity development & exchanges 2014-2017, but several evaluation questions motivated a broader scope. Tanzania was identified by Sida for field visit and in-depth case study.

The evaluation findings and conclusions were presented at a workshop in August 2017, which included all current ITP organisers. The evaluation finds that the ITP has been an effective tool to support capacity development of individuals but less effective at capacity development of organisations. Recommendations focus on how Sida should strengthen the link to other development and capacity development programmes and approaches in order to increase the effect of the ITP instrument at the organisational and national level and over time.

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