Evaluation of the Strategy for support via Swedish civil society organisations 2016-2022

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In June 2016 the Swedish Government signed the new Strategy for support via Swedish civil society organisations 2016-2022, which replaces the previous strategy for the period 2010-2014 (extended until 2016). The strategy governs all activities under the CSO-appropriation and gives Sida directions for priorities in the management and monitoring of the strategy. The aim of the strategy is to work for a vibrant and pluralistic civil society in development countries that, from a rights based perspective, works for improved living conditions for people living in poverty in all its dimensions, greater respect for human rights and for global sustainable development.

The strategy is expected to contribute to achieving (i) strengthened capacity of civil society actors in developing countries, and (ii) a more enabling environment for civil society organisations in developing countries. The first area of support is very similar to the previous CSO-strategy, while the second area is new. Within the two areas of support there are in total seven results. Sida submits strategy reports, one for each strategy, to Sweden’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs on an annual basis. This report summarizes key results achieved during the year, taking the goals formulated in the strategy as a starting point. In order to follow results in a consistent way over time, CIVSAM commissioned a consultancy team to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework as well as a baseline study in 2017. That M&E framework formed the basis for the subsequent strategy reports produced by CIVSAM. The current assignment will use the M&E framework to evaluate the results of the CSO-strategy for the entire strategy period until today: 1 January 2016 – 15 March 2021 (five years and 2,5 months). 

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