Evaluation of the support to UNICEF to strengthen Child Protection in Abkhazia 2015 - 2018

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The evaluated programme, “Strengthening and developing sustainable basic social services for children in Abkhazia” (Child Protection in Abkhazia), is funded by Sweden through the Embassy of Sweden in Georgia. UNICEF is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the programme, according to the agreement but the implementation of the programme is shared between UNICEF and WorldVision. The activity period of the project is set from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2018 (originally 31 December 2017) and the Swedish support amounts to a total of 27 000 000 SEK. The implementation of the programme is also supported by WorldVision Germany and WorldVision Australia with a total of approximately 287,000 EUR.

The overall objective of the programme is to address child protection in Abkhazia on both community and institutional levels and to strengthen and develop sustainable services for vulnerable children in Abkhazia. Child protection remains neglected in Abkhazia and data on child protection issues are lacking meanwhile many problems are either unadressed or dealt with informally. On both institutional and community level in Abkhazia, knowledge and understanding of the concepts of children’s rights and child protection is limited. Child protection issues are ufortunately still considered taboo and therefore a careful approach is important to avoid resistance.

The purpose of the evaluation was to mapp and analyse the results achieved of the programme and to answer to what extent the programme has been effective in achieving change in the situation of children in Abkhazia. Furthermore, the purpose of the evaluation was formative in the sense that the evaluation sought to answer to what extent this change can be made sustainable taken into consideration the special circumstances and restrictions of the development cooperation in Abkhazia.  

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