Evaluation of Union to Union: Models for trade union development cooperation that are relevant , cost-effective and promotes local ownership

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This assignment was an evaluation of Union to Union comissioned by Sida's Civil Society Department. Union to Union provides support to local trade unions around the world either through so called bilateral projects (i.e. projects in which Swedish trade unions cooperate with local trade unions), or multilateral projects (i.e. projects in which GUFs’ cooperate with local trade unions). In 2014 nearly 80% of the funding disbursed by Union to Union concerned these so called multilateral projects. Union to Union has identified five strategic priorities for its support: Capacity to organize, capacity to educate, capacity to negotiate, capacity to advocate, and capacity to administer.

The purpose of the evaluation was to map and analyse:

  • the relevance of the Union to Union's operations in relation to the Strategy for support through Swedish civil society organizations 2010-2015
  • the added value, ownership and efficiency – including conditions for sub-granting Sida’s support to local partners – of the Council’s operations in relation to its objectives and the partnership models applied
  • the results attained in relation to the Council’s objectives and the partnership models applied.

The Evaluation Team has found that the results attained over the past few years and well in line with these priorities. The results also correspond to the priorities set out in Sweden’s Strategy for support through Swedish civil society organizations 2010-2014.

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