External Evaluation of the Quality Assurance Systems of Research and postgraduate training in Bolivia

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The Swedish research cooperation with Bolivia  was initiated in 2000, with the latest phases starting in 2007 with the signature of two agreements, with the Universidad Mayor San Andres (UMSA) and the Universidad Mayor de San Simon (UMSS), and was followed by a third agreement in 2008 with an agreement signed with the Vice ministry of Science and Technology (VCyT). At national level it is the Comité Ejecutivo de la Universidad Boliviana (CEUB) which is the coordinating institution of the Bolivian public universities. CEUB has a unit for accreditation. Furthermore CEUB has published documents form the National University Congress 2014. The documents contain rules and regulations about QA and accreditation. To gain increased knowledge of existing quality assurance systems as well as the quality of current postgraduate programs Sida  commissioned an external review. The purpose of the review was to:

  • Assess the Quality Assurance systems at national and university (UMSS, UMSA) level,
  • Assess the quality of the postgraduate programs and management of research supported by Sweden,
  • Contribute to improvement of QA systems, postgraduate programs and research management.

The review was conducted during 2017 and presented a number of recommendations developed in relation to the Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher
Education Area (ESG), which have been used as the international benchmark against which performance in Bolivia has been measured.

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