Final Evaluation of the Framework Agreement regarding direct grant support and consultancy to the Agency for Gender Equality

Start date
End date

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Agency for Gender
Equality in Kosovo (AGE) agreed on a Direct Grant Support (DGS) that started in June 2015 and
Technical Assistance (TA) project that started on July 2016.

The final evaluation will be conducted with the purpose to: 1) inform Sida about the achievements
under the DGS and TA and the manner in which the originally agreed objectives are met; 2) define
the key components that contributed to the success of the DGS and the project or lack of such
success to inform the design of future support; 3) provide AGE with practical suggestions on how to
ensure that achievements reached as a result of the DGS and TA are embedded in a sustainable
manner; and 4) inform AGE about the possible future priorities regarding the strengthening the
capacities of AGE in Kosovo, including proposals on how to fully implement objectives in the future in
case these are not reached or only partially.

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