Final evaluation of the "Projet de Réduction de la Vulnérabilité des Petits Barrages aux Changements Climatiques (PRVPB-CC)" in Burkina Faso, including the finalization of the project document for the "Projet de Valorisation Agricole des Petits Ba...

The objective of this assignment was to evaluate and formulate a new phase of the "Project for Reducing the Vulnerability of Small Dams to Climate Change (PRVPB-CC)".

Burkina Faso and Sweden have since 2010 undertaken the construction of water storage facilities for sustainable meeting of agro-forestry-pastoral needs through the Project for Reducung of the vulnerability of small dams to climate change (PRVPB-CC) to "contribute to food security and the fight against poverty through mobilization and optimal use of water for agricultural, forestry and pastoral production while integrating the aspect of adaption to climate change ". The project was implemened under the Ministry of Water and Sanitation and the Ministry of Agriculture and Hydraulic Development of Burkina Faso.

This project aimed at:

  1. Making surface water resources more available through the construction of new dams and restoration of degraded small dams;
  2. Creating conditions for better adaptation to climate change for constructed and rehabilitated works;
  3. Establishing a better governance of the works as well as an equitable use of the water resources;
  4. Improving living and health conditions for the population living close to the dams by increasing agricultural productivity of the developed areas downstream and by conducting awareness campaigns on water-borne diseases and HIV/AIDS.

The overall objective of the assignment was to undertake the final evaluation of PRVPB-CC, assessing relevance, effectiveness, sustainability and efficiency; and to develop the project document of the future "Project for Agricultural Development of Small Dams (ProValAB), integrating the lessons learned from PRVPB-CC.

The evaluation and the project document were discussed at a participatory workshop, held in December 2016.

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