Framework Agreement for Global Capacity Development Programme on Sustainable Public Procurement

In April 2021, Sida signed a Framework Agreement with the consortium of FCG Swedish Development AB (FCG, Lead) and Crown Agents Limited (CA) for Global Capacity Development Programs on Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP). The overall objective / development goal of the framework is for “SPP to be used as a strategic tool for sustainable development and the achievement of Agenda 2030, aiming at contributing to increased transparency of government spending and procurement and decreased environmental impact of production of services and goods”.

Efficient and effective public procurement is vital for delivering cross-sectoral public services. Fundamental principles of fairness, transparency, competition and accountability stimulate private sector growth and reduce corruption. Value for money through public procurement contributes to sound public financial management by governments, enabling improved public services, reduced debt and budget savings. SPP practices go further, also supporting wider economic and social development policies, while reducing negative environmental impacts. Life cycle costing adds operating and end of life costs to the initial purchase price, allowing energy efficiency and waste disposal to be considered. Including social factors enables governments to reinforce policies such as employment rights and conditions, safety, human rights and gender equality.

The outcome / contribution goals of the framework, as formulated by Sida, are: “Public organisations and other actors initiate, support, strengthen and develop policies, methods and tools that strengthen the conditions and incentives for SPP and efficient public procurement while considering the rights, needs and demand of people living in poverty“. Through the intervention, participating organisations are expected to receive:

▪ Enhanced knowledge and practical experience of fundamental principles for public procurement and policies, legal frameworks and methods and tools for implementing SPP.

▪ Mentorship and technical support to a change processes linked to a SPP.

▪ Enhanced knowledge of methods, as well as strengthened leadership skills, to conduct organisational and institutional change.

▪ Increased access to national stakeholder platforms and regional/international networks for peer-to-peer learning in support of effective work on SPP and efficient procurement.

The framework agreement is initially planned for four years, with possible extension of 1 + 1 yr. The initial scope of the framework agreement covers regional programmes in Africa (programme 1 A – Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique and 1B - Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda) and Latin America (programme 2 - Guatemala, Bolivia and Colombia). The framework agreement will include the possibility to call of additional regional programmes in Eastern Europe (programme 3 - Ukraine, Georgia, Moldavia) and Asia (programme 4 - Cambodia, Bangladesh). The programme cycle for each sub-programme is 18 months, subject to possible extension of 6 to 18 months.

The mechanism of the framework agreement is that Sida will call off the services of the framework provider for each of the regional programmes (one call-off for each inception period during which the scope of implementation of each regional programme is defined, and one call-off for each programme implementation period).

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