Framework Agreement for Organisational Reviews of Civil Society Organisations

As part of Norad's Civil Society Department's management of grant agreements, organisational reviews are performed periodically, especially in connection with assessment of new applications from the organisations to Norad. Organisational reviews are a control measure with regard to institutional capacity, financial management, cost efficiency and results management, as well as a tool to evaluate achievement of reported results.

FCG Sweden is the first service provider under Norad's Framework Agreement for Organisationsal Reviews of Civil Society Organisaitons. The Framework was initiated in June 2017 and will be running for four years.

The reviews conducted under this Framework Agreement will form part of the basis for Norad's decisions regarding continuation or adjustments of future cooperation with the respective organizations. In order to support the organizations in the most appropriate way, the assessment of institutional capacity (including the identification of capacity gaps) of the organization is an important dimension of the reviews.

Each review describes, analyses and assesses the following aspects of the organisation:

• Organisational Structure and Governance;

• Cost-efficiency and Financial management - including i) Money-Flow Analysis and Cost Efficiency; and ii) Financial management and Auditing processes); and

• Results Achieved - including i) Results management; and ii) Civil Society Strengthening (since this is an explicit goal in the Norad Principles for Support to Civil Society Organisations in the Global South (2009)

A stand-alone assessment report (approx. 30 pages) is produced for each organisation.

FCG Sweden works with a Core Team of ten consultants for implementing the organisational reviews, all with extensive experience in the assessment of Civil Society Organisations in terms of organisational structure and governance; Money-flow analysis and cost efficiency; Financial management and internal control systems; Results management (monitoring and evaluation), and Civil Society strengthening.

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