Framework Agreement for the Provision of Services for Evaluations on Development Cooperation of Civil Society organisations; • Contract 2 on the Civil Society Organisations receiving Programme-based Support and Support for Humanitarian Assistance

Under the Framework Agreement for the Provision of Services for Evaluations on Development Cooperation of Civil Society Organisations, FCG International Ltd. is implementing Contract 2 on the Evaluation of Civil Society Organisaions receiving Programme Based Support and Support for Humanitarian Assistance.
Civil society actors are an essential and integral part of Finland’s development cooperation. In 2015 the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) initiated a series of three evaluations to assess its multi-annual programme-based support (PBS) instrument which channelled funds through 22 Finnish CSOs, umbrella organisations and special foundations during 2010-2016.

This second evaluation in the series looked at Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) which had received MFA support both for their development programmes as well as for their humanitarian operations. The coordination and management of the two funding instruments as well as their possible effects for the CSOs were evaluated.

Six organisations were included within the scope of the evaluation, namely FIDA International, Finn Church Aid, Finnish Red Cross, Plan International Finland, Save the Children Finland and World Vision Finland. Mixed methods were used for collecting and analysing data. A desk based document review was followed by field interviews in Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Somaliland, Uganda, Myanmar, Nepal, Jordan and Pakistan. Validation/debriefing meetings with the CSOs in the field as well as with the Finnish CSOs and the MFA in Helsinki were organised before the final analysis and report writing.

A public presentation in Helsinki and a Webinar presentation for wider audience were organised launching the seven published reports, including a Synthesis report aggregating the results of the six CSO programmes.

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