Gender in the challenge funds Securing Water for Food and Powering Agriculture

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This study, funded by Sida, focused on the analysis of gender perspectives and gender integration in two
challenge funds in the thematic areas Energy-agriculture nexus and water-agriculture nexus: Securing Water for
Food – a Grand Challenge for Development (SWFF)1 and Powering Agriculture – An Energy Grand Challenge for
Development (PAEGC)2. A specific template for a “gender gap analysis” was developed to analyze individual
The analysis concluded that, while most of the innovators are aware of gender issues that affect the adoption of
their innovation, those who were required to include gender considerations into their initial application (PAEGC
awardees) not surprisingly had a head start on gender integration into their implementation plans. The SWFF
projects were generally more lacking in gender integration mechanisms, but this was compounded by the
difficulty of attaching gender strategies to an innovation that already had developed a basic marketing strategy.
The analysis also pointed to the lack of Monitoring and Evaluation criteria related to gender equality in the design
of follow-up activities for the implementation of innovations. This, and the lack of explicit gender strategies could
point to a perception on the part of the awardees that gender sensitivity do not? respond to higher level policy
considerations and human rights issues. One of the challenges for promoting gender integration is to provide
more information to potential innovators on how gender sensitive design can contribute to a wider adoption of
innovations and greater business success

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