Institutional development and Capacity Building for Local Authorities

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The project constituted a key component in the overall District Development Support. Programme aimed at improved service delivery, and enhanced community development. The project provided support in the areas of:

  • management development
  • financial management
  • result-based management
  • HRM and training of managers and staff in local government and community development
  • support to personnel and training officer cadre and HRD planning
  • computerisation

The project was implemented in four separate phases.

  • Phase 1 1983 – 1987 - Strengthening In-house Training Capabilities in local authorities.
    This phase comprised design and development of training modules, training of in-house training co-ordinators and training of trainers. Subject areas included: relations with civil society, community development
  • Phase 2 1987 – 1991 - Short-term support in Capacity building of Department of Local Government Service Management (DLGSM).
    This phase comprised continued support to in-house training activities in the local authorities, support to DLGSM in development of an in-house training system and management advice to the Establishment Secretary.
  • Phase 3 1991 – 1994 - Long-term support in Capacity building of Department of Local Government Service Management (DLGSM).
    This phase emphasised long-term consultancy support in the form of provision of six long-term advisors: Management advisor, Manpower planning advisor, Organisational development advisor, in-house training co-ordinator, financial management training advisor and Training advisor for the Water departments in local authorities. The objectives of all long-term advisors were to train and develop local counterparts in DLGSM. The overall support to the in-house training system in local authorities continued during this phase.
  • Phase 4 1994 – 1997 - Development of budgeting and accounting system of local authorities, Development of a Human Resources Management System and Training of Heads of local authorities.
    This phase comprised of two long-term advisors in financial management and Human resource management in addition to short-term consultancy support in training of managers in the local authorities.

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