Land Governance in Ethiopia

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The Land Governance project in Ethiopia is a part of a global responsible land policy programme funded by GIZ. The programme aims to improve farmers land rights by cooperating with policymakers to introduce transparent procedures and mechanisms in land administration.

FCG Sweden, together with GOPA as lead partner, is implementing the Land governance project in Ethiopia with the Ministry of Agriculture as clients. The project focus on increasing efficiency in agriculture by encouraging farmers in creating larger plots by exchanging lands. It uses a multi-level approach to achieve institutional changes and is divided into four outputs:

1: Methods and approaches for awareness-raising and preparation phases for land consolidation procedures as well as voluntary land exchange in pilot areas have been tested;

2: Skills of employees of the responsible authorities and private service providers have been strengthened;

3: Guidelines for improving the methodological framework in land consolidation procedures have been adopted;

4: Capacities of the authorities for implementing land use certification in the scope of the Ethiopian governmental programme CALM (Climate Action through Landscape Management) have been strengthened.

The consortium is responsible for the implementation of output 1 and 2.

The overall aim of output one is to assist in gathering methods and approaches to the awareness-raising and preparation phase for land consolidation procedures, and for voluntary land exchange to be tested on selected areas. Output 2 aims to improve staff capacities at authorities and private service providers responsible for land consolidation procedures and strengthen other staff members involved in corresponding procedures.

The implementation partner for the project is the Rural Land Administration and Use Directorate (RLAUD) with the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). The practical implementation is also with the Amhara Land Administration and Use Bureau (ALAUB) who are responsible for land-ownership rights certification.


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