Liberia PFM Monitoring Reform

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FCG Sweden supported Sida, the largest donor for the on-going implementation of the PFM reform in Liberia and the partners involved in the PFM reform, in the follow-up and monitoring of the support to PFM reform in Liberia. FCG Sweden supported Sida in its dialogue and coordination effort with other donors and financing partners in the reform. This entailed follow-up of activities and results as well as an on-going assessment of risks facing the reform efforts. In particular concerning joint donor funded support to the Integrated PFM reform project (IPFMRP).

As part of the contract, FCG supported the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) in Liberia (Department of Budget and Development Planning) with the introduction of gender responsive budgeting, more specifically:

- Conducted a rapid appraisal of the key policy documents on budgeting of the MFDP and Health Ministry from a GRB perspective.

-A focus group discussion with concerned officials from both ministries to identify their specific needs for integrating GRB principles in the budgeting process and as input to training on GRB principles.

-Held an introductory (2-day) training session on GRB for the concerned officials of the two ministries.

-Drafted an annual Action Plan based on an effective and efficient integration of GRB components and a gender responsive budget for Health Ministry’s officials.  

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