LIMS (SIGIT) Review and Audit

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The Government of Mozambique’s initiative, Terra Segura, was launched with the objective of regularizing land tenure rights in priority and selected Districts as well as to modernize land administration services including the development of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). The project is implemented by the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER) and is/will be supported by the World Bank for the period from 2018 to 2024. It aims at addressing a number of objectives e.g. accelerating land registration and registration of land use rights; integrate basic land use planning with systematic land regularization activities; improve the legal and operational environment of registration and registration of property; strengthen institutional and human resources capacity for establishing and maintaining the registration and registration system; improve the electronic registration capacity as well as the accessibility of the electronic registration platform to the public, and raise awareness of the importance of land use and land use rights, particularly at the community level. As part of this project the Government wanted a critical review and audit of the Land Information Management System “Sistema de Gestão de Informação da Terra” (SiGIT). This system was introduced in 2013 at the National Directorate of Lands (DINAT) and shortly thereafter expanded to all 10 Provincial Cadastral Offices (SPGC). In the end of 2018, and as part of the preparation of the Terra Segura project, the National Fund for Sustainable Development (FNDS) contracted FCG to propose measures necessary for the development and improvement a well-functioning multi-purpose cadastre and land administration and management system to meet the objectives above as well as the needs for future mass registration of 5 million DUATs and delimitation of 4000 Communities. It also aimed to address interoperability and potential integration with other government and municipal information systems for the provision of reliable services for government institutions, public and businesses. The review covered National, Provincial, District and Municipal levels and targeted all land administration institutions such as: DINAT, Provincial Services of Geography and Cadastre (SPGC); LIMS (SiGIT) – Land Information Management System (Sistema de Gestão de Informação sobre Terra) District Service of Economic Activities (SDAE) 's and District Planning and Infrastructure Services (SDPI)'s.

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