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The AMDT was formally registered in July 2014 by the four founders, the Governments of Denmark, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland through their respective development agencies. The goal of AMDT is to increase incomes and job opportunities in agricultural value-chains in Tanzania through market facilitation and strategic advice. The operations of the trust will use the Making Markets work for the Poor, M4P, approach as a guiding principle.
Deloitte Consulting Ltd Tanzania has been contracted as the Trustee of the AMDT and they are supporting the four founders in recruitment of key personnel and set-up of office facilities. As a preparation for the start-up of AMDT operations a market system analysis (MSA) has been carried out of one the three prioritized value-chains, sunflower oil. A Technical Director (TD), who runs the daily operations of the trust, has been recruited to manage the trust. The AMDT is governed by a Project Investment Committee (PIC) supported by the Trustee. The PIC consists of representatives of the four founders, private sector and the government of Tanzania.
At the start of the assignment it was realized that several assumptions on AMDT had not been realized (establishment was delayed, staffing was delayed, implementation process was not well-informed, etc.) and subsequently a revised annual work plan was established. All revisions were approved by the PIC (Program Investment Committee) and Sida. In meetings with PIC it was agreed to start with the Maize Value Chain after the interventions in the Sunflower Value Chain have been approved by PIC.
The assignment required a high degree of flexibility that went beyond the normal expertise of a M4P advisor as issues of organisational development, strategic planning, even general knowledge of persons and institutions in Tanzania became important in the start up phase of AMDT.

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