Mapping of green financing

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Sida is exploring possible pathways to support processing and manufacturing industries in ODA eligible countries on their transition towards a greener and cleaner production, delivering results under the SDG 12 ‘Sustainable Production and Consumption’. Recognising that a collaborative effort is needed, Sida seeks to identify global or regional partners where Sida guarantee instrument could play a role for necessary risk sharing.

As a first and explorative step, Sida seeks to identify opportunities to support already existing industry lead initiatives, or existing financial products already developed by financial institutions. Thus, the purpose of the assignment is to provide an overview of the current landscape from two perspectives: 1) the current industry intelligence and existing platforms within five specific sectors, 2) the financial products available today on the market for corporate lending to purposes relating to green transition.

The assignment is limited to the area of climate and environmental transition. Fields of particular importance relates to, but are not limited to, water management, waste from production processes, and reduction in GHG emission including SLCPs (Short Lived Climate Pollutants). 

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