Maritime Infrastructure for Climate Resilient Operation Project - Environmental and Social Safeguard Reports Update

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The Government of the Republic of Tuvalu is implementing the Maritime Investment in Climate Resilience project, supported by the World Bank. The development objective is to improve the climate resilience of Nanumaga harbor and Funafuti Port and in the event of an Eligible Crisis or Emergency, to provide an immediate response to the Eligible Crisis or Emergency. The project aims to improve the connectivity problems that constrain Tuvalu’s economic and social development. This will be achieved by rehabilitating and improving maritime infrastructure on the island of Nanumaga and improving the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the Funafuti port cargo area pavement.

This project has two primary objectives :

  • Design and tender for a protected small boat harbor on the island of Nanumaga and associated cargo and passenger facilities;
  • Design and tender for port pavement at the Funafuti port.

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