Mid Term Evaluation of the DCA Loan Portfolio Guarantee and The Mali Finance for Food Security and Women Entrepreneurs (FFSWE) program

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The purpose of the mid term evaluation was to assess progress of the loan portfolio guarantee and the complementary technical assistance project The Mali Finance for Food Security and Women Entrepreneurs (FFSWE) to inform decisions on how the guarantee and the project may be adjusted and improved. The primary intended users of the evaluation were:

·         The guaranteed parties: Bank of Africa (BOA)] and BICIM

·         The project’s implementing partner: VEGA/IESC

·         USAID (USAID/Mali and USAID/Development Credit Authority (DCA) office),  the Swedish Embassy in Mali, and Sida’s loans and guarantee unit

Sida and USAID through a joint delegated agreement are supporting two interlinked interventions in Mali to strengthen the provision of finance to small scale, women-led enterprises in all sectors and to MSMEs in the agricultural sector. Thus, this mid-term evaluation analysed and assessed progress of both combined interventions and the ways in which both interventions were mutually complementary. The evaluation has a double focus on accountability and learning and used a mixed- methods approach in its implementation.  

The report provides several findings based on the criteria mentioned, and presents recommendations for the remaining period of the Guarantee and FFSWE until 2020.

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