Mid Term Review of Pro-Tax II

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The objective of this assigment was to conduct a Mid Term Review (MTR) of Pro-Tax II. Pro-Tax II is a Sida funded project implemented by the Swedish Tax Authority (STA) and the Kosovo Property Tax Department (PTD), under the Ministry of Finance (MoF). It is a continuation of a previous project successfully implemented by the same partners 2008-2011. The overall project objective is to strengthen the municipalities in Kosovo by increasing the means for capital investments in municipal infrastructure, which is a prerequisite for good municipal service to the citizens. The project is expected to have impact mainly within three areas: raised revenues; improved property tax system; and a better functioning economy.

The MTR assessed the project’s potential to reach its intended outcomes and produce sustainable results, and provided recommendations for future decisions on the direction of the project. The specific evaluation questions related mainly to the effectiveness and sustainability of the project,  potential risks, and what can be done to improve both effectiveness, outcomes and sustainability.

The evaluation was conducted in 2016, with the final report delivered in October 2016. In conclusion, the evaluation finds this project a worthwhile effort to improve living conditions and the economy of Kosovo. Progress so far has shown that the effort is fruitful, and that it has a large potential. The project is subject to several critical risk factors which can be addressed, but which will need to be monitored closely as the project proceeds.

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