Mid–term review of “The Strengthening of the Probation and Prison practices Programme in Kenya 2015-2018”

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This was a MTR of the the project “The Strengthening of the Probation and Prison practices Programme in Kenya 2015-2018”, run by the Swedish Prison and Probation Service (SPPS, i.e. Kriminalvården). It was created in co-operation between SPPS and the two public agencies responsible for prison and probation care in Kenya, the Kenya Prisons Service (KPS) and the Kenya Probation and Aftercare Service (KPAS), who are also the main beneficiaries. The aim is to enhance the capacity and efficiency of KPS and KPAS, with long-term goals of reduced prison overcrowding and increased rule of law in the Kenyan correctional system. It runs from July 2015 until June 2018, with a total budget of 32 million SEK.

According to the agreement between SPPS and Sida (funder), a mid-term review shall be carried out of the programme (approx. in the middle of the activity period and latest by 30 June 2017) to:

  • pave the way for improved project delivery for the remaining project duration
  • propose amendments (if any) required in project design, implementation arrangements and/or institutional linkages in order to effectively and sustainably contribute to the goals of the programme
  • recommend whether results obtained thus far warrant an extension of the project

The aim of the review was to ”provide the key stakeholders with sufficient information to:

  • a) Make an assessment of the performance of (the programme), paying particular attention to the results and outcomes of technical assistance actions against the objectives of the programme,
  • b) Make an assessment of the relevance of the programme,
  • c) Evaluate how the programme is currently managed and how it could be improved.

The review was conducted in Spring 2017, with results presented in August 2017.

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