Monitoring and support to Kosovo Forest Agency (KFA) for implementing the project ”Silvicultural Treatment of the young forests in Kosovo”

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The Kosovo Forest Agency (KFA) is an executive agency for the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Rural Development (MAFRD), responsible for managing and protecting the public forest in Kosovo. The capacities at KFA are weak and they have not been able to drive the processes as outlined in the forest sector strategy document. The KFA up to date have not managed to create a solid connection between the strategic plan and the budget and costing for forestry. The fast decentralization process that took place in 2010, which meant delegating some responsibilities for the forest management to municipalities, has further complicated the division of the responsibilities in the sector.
To strengthen capacities at the MAFRD and KFA, Sweden launched a process of a sector wide approach for the forestry sector, and the preparations for a Joint Annual Review (JAR) started. The first JAR proposed a number of forestry sector priority projects to be financed and Sweden committed to supporting a priority implementation project (PIP) for “Silvicultural treatment of the young forests”. This contribution supported the prioritization process for the implementation of the forestry strategy, and at the same time increase the understanding among stakeholders in MAFRD and KFA for the process.
The consultant monitored and supported the KFA to implement the project “Silvicultural treatment of the young forests” in accordance to the requirements in the project document, work plan, operational plans and specific agreement.

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