Monitoring of PFM reforms in Liberia

Objective: support the Embassy of Sweden in Monrovia in the follow-up and monitoring of the support to continued PFM reforms in Liberia. To this effect, the three main areas for technical assistance will encompass:

  • Support to the Embassy engagement in the Integrated Public Financial Management Reform Project II project, which entails analysis of design and other programmatic aspects, follow-up and analysis of reports and other information during the follow-up phase and continued technical advise where appropriate;
  • Support to the Embassy engagement in the follow-up of the Overseas Development Institute’s Budget Strengthening initiative in Liberia;
  • Support the Embassy’s engagement with the Swedish Tax Authority and the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) with technical advisory on various programmatic aspects including at the design phase and follow-up in the implementation phase.

The overall purpose is to build a framework for analysis and action learning, i. e. to follow up results and risks at various levels and to propose adjustments at project and policy level.

Expected outputs:

  • An inception report proposing methodology and planning of work, to be approved by the Embassy of Sweden.
  • A baseline analysis with a focus on PFM indicators connected to multidimensional poverty and quality of life as reflected in the PAPD.
  • From 2019 and onwards, an annual work plan, to be approved by the Embassy of Sweden programme programme officer over e-mail, the first workplan to be presented in the second quarter of 2019.
  • Technical assistance to the appraisal and contribution design phase, including analysis and aide memoires of the World Bank and other development partners during the IPFMRP II design and implementation phase.
  • Technical assistance to analysis of work plans, outcome logs and other relevant project materials and reports in connection to the ODI/BSI project in Liberia supported by Sweden.
  • Technical assistance to the Embassy appraisal work within a new contribution for support revenues with the main partners being the Swedish Tax Authority and the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA).
  • One annual report with analysis of indicators of the baseline analysis, connected to the broader reform agenda (approx. 15 pages excluding annexes).
  • One brief report with summary of activities and reflections at the end of each field visit (approx. 3-4 pages), to be presented to the Embassy focal point and other actors as deemed necessary.
  • Upon request, the consultant shall be available to travel, and to participate in seminars and workshops, and to share and discuss findings and recommendations, briefing of staff from the Embassy of Sweden, EU, other donors and Government of Liberia.

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