Monitoring of two environment and natural resources projects in Albania

The Consultant(s) will participate in the World Bank supervision missions under the overall guidance of the Task Team Leader’s (TTL) for the ESP and carry out home office work for the WRIP.

Within the scope of the missions, the Consultant(s) shall in addition, carry out the following tasks for Sida:

- Assess Albanian Government project implementation with regard to Swedish policies for development cooperation and the Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP).

- Assess changes in the Albanian policy- and institutional context in which the projects operates and which have direct or indirect implications for the projects (WRIP and ESP) and it’s objectives;

-Assess progress of project implementation in terms of assistance to Albania’s harmonization with the EU aquis and what could be done to further promote/influence the reform process.

- Assess WB management of the projects, given the Albanian Government capacity, and if required make recommendations to the Embassy to improve the performance of the two projects;
- Follow-up on the status of relevant issues from the Project Appraisal Documents (PAD) including the results and risk matrices;

- Report on any additional issues that should be raised for Sida’s tentative action i.a. corruption.  

In addition to providing monitoring support in relation to ESP and WRIP the Consultant(s) may also be required to, as an optional service, provide advice in relation to the further institutional development of the water sector. This will be agreed on between the Consultant(s) and the Embassy during implementation.