MTR of the Agriculture Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP II)

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Agriculture Sector Development Support Programme Phase Two (ASDSP II) is a programme aimed at enhancing food and nutrition and promoting manufacturing and runs from 2017 to 2022. It is implemented in all the 47 counties in Kenya and the at the national level. The programme is financed by the national government, county governments, Sida and EU.

The overall objective of this mid-term review (MTR) was to conduct an independent review for the ASDSP II, to document the extent to which the envisaged results (goal, and respective hierarchy of objectives) were met in line with the plan. The main purpose of the review was two-fold:
Accountability: to determine the extent to which the implementing institutions have delivered the envisioned programme results and assess progress towards achievement of programme objectives; to identify key challenges and any factors that may have affected the programme and its implementation. The Terms of Reference states that the accountability aspect of the review is expected to create shared understanding of the importance of the programme objectives and their monitoring and evaluation especially among the counties.
Learning and improvement: This was the superior objective of this MTR as there is still an opportunity to positively impact the programme’s implementation. The findings and analysis of this review were expected to provide useful information on how to improve actions/activities so that the results based implementation remains in focus. The review explored if the actions have yielded positive results or recommendations for improvement moving forward.

The evaluation was utilisation-focused and used a approach rooted in a Theory of Change. Data collection and analysis included semi-structured key informant interviews, focus group discussions, field visits performed by the Kenya-based team and a validation meeting. The evaluation was carried out from December 2020 to April 2021.

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