Northern Province Sustainable Fisheries Development Project - Project Preparation Technical Assistance (TA 9049-SRI)

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The objective of the TA was to prepare a project for funding to spur economic growth and recovery in the Northern Province by strengthening the coastal fisheries sector. The proposed project will assist the fisheries sector through (i) development of fishery harbors, and rehabilitation of related infrastructure at anchorages and landing sites; (ii) support for sustainable aquaculture, and (iii) improvement of opportunities for income generation for affected households within the coastal communities of the Northern Province. The expected outcome of the proposed project will be sustainable increase in fisheries production in the Northern Province.

The PPTA prepared a project investment resulting in three outputs as follows:

  • Output 1 - Developed and operational climate resilient infrastructure: development of two new harbors at Point Pedro and Pesalai, and improvement of facilities at 7 anchorages and 21 landing sites. All the infrastructure improvements proposed will be designed with consideration for improving resiliency to the effects of climate change.
  • Output 2 - Expanded aquaculture: the project will establish hatcheries to provide necessary seed stock to be distributed to local mariculture farmers. Three species targeted are of high commercial value: sea cucumber, mud crab, and seaweed. In addition, the project would support the establishment of a training center, to strengthen the technical and managerial skills needed to ensure successful culture and marketing of these high-value commodities.
  • Output 3 - Strengthened entrepreneurial skills, market links, and credit access for local communities, including women: the project would improve access to credit; provide support for the establishment of model enterprises capable of generating employment opportunities; provide training to improve knowledge and skills in a wide range of technical disciplines related to the fisheries sector; provide psycho-social trauma support for residents suffering from the pervasive and persistent psychological impacts brought about by the prolonged civil unrest in the North Province; replant of mangroves in selected areas where they have been destroyed or removed in the past; and provide small-scale infrastructure to support livelihoods within coastal communities.

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